Learning Skills: Use it or Lose it + 5 Tips to Prevent Losing Your Skills

Have you ever attended a training program or e-learning session, and felt highly motivated, but nothing happened later? Even if we know the skill well, we cannot perform it properly. This happens because if we don’t implement our skills, we tend to forget them and return to our default factory settings.  Therefore, the trend of […]

How to Boost your Productivity? By Doing Less: Surprising Truth

We’ve been taught that to get more money, success, raises, and hikes- we need to do more and keep doing more. But after doing more, do we seriously get the desired results? No, right? Unfortunately, this happens with most of us as we confuse activity with productivity.  We think that when we are busy, we […]

Top 3 Ways to Sustain your Business forever!

Top 3 Ways to Sustain your Business Forever

Businesses/Startups are currently the new noise. According to Smartbooks, Over 500,000 businesses open every month, thus creating enormous opportunities and competition. Today, having a business is a challenge. With good knowledge and monetary sources, you can survive but not sustain due to a volatile economy, uncertain and unpredictable marketplace, and competition. The Customers have limitless […]

Check this if you are planning for Post Graduation: Perfect Path

Post graduation plan

Post Graduation is the ladder up after graduation. This ladder adds steps of expertise, skills, professionalism, and steady progression to your career. According to Indeed, the earnings increase from the bachelor’s level to the master’s level like a postgraduate degree is approximately 20%. Today a postgraduate degree is just like the top layer of a […]

Graduated? What’s next? Smart PIPs for your Success

PIPs after I graduate

So, you’ve graduated, and in the good old days, the picture of you graduating would have adorned the walls of your home with parents pointing it out to every visitor! But in those days, graduates were few and hard to find, today they are a dime a dozen! So, where does that leave you?  It […]

DIY: Choosing a Career is simple if you do this.

Simple steps to choose a career

Career search race is here! Let’s refocus from ‘KON THA’ to ‘KONSA HAI.’ Konsa career jo bas tumhare liye hai? Konsa career hai jo tumhari zindagi ko exciting bana de?  The thought of even choosing a career scares you, right? It happens to almost everyone. And if you are confused, first congratulate yourself because you […]

Best Guide: 9 Trending Careers for Gen Z

Do you have that desire to do something unique? Do you like being independent, entrepreneurial, and competitive? Are you the one who is a quick searcher but later found yourself digging into the topic for hours? Do you val­ue the sta­bil­i­ty that comes with conservative spending, sta­ble jobs, and profitable investments? Then, Yes! You belong […]

Earn while you Learn- Become the Next Bezos!

Earn while you Learn

‘Earn while you Learn’  has been used by most of today’s billionaires! Maybe that’s one reason there aren’t too many in India, since many in the older generation in our country were pampered when it came to their early years and to a great extent had a lesser sense of responsibility, because of the same […]

Apprenticeship blended Degree Programs.


92% of universities and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) believe that Apprenticeship Graduation is a credible way for students to be stunned in the 21st Century’s Evolving workforce. This model helps to create a sustainable cycle of “Earn while you Learn” and equip students with work experience, according to the “Future of Apprenticeship in India” report […]

Why is Media and Entertainment an Evergreen Career?

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment is an Evergreen Career! Yes, You heard it right! Watch a youngster scanning his phone! What’s he looking for? If you think he’s just searching for messages, you’re sadly mistaken. He or she is looking for excitement! And what the youngster wants is instant gratification! And that looking for and longing for […]