Earn while you Learn- Become the Next Bezos!

Earn while you Learn

‘Earn while you Learn’  has been used by most of today’s billionaires!

Maybe that’s one reason there aren’t too many in India, since many in the older generation in our country were pampered when it came to their early years and to a great extent had a lesser sense of responsibility, because of the same pampering they received. They really couldn’t care what they studied because it had no direct link to what job they took up later. 

They studied history, and went into business, or economics, and got into management! A degree just meant you were a notch above a high school pass student. With this, the value that was placed on education, finally descended to a valueless learning, or an education that really didn’t cater to the big job world outside.

Earn while you Learn- the Success Mantra!

Times have changed dramatically, and if you haven’t moved with the times, start now. Today it’s earn while you learn, because in the process put into that learning comes same use in your job. And most billionaires realised the value of this; earn while you learn:

Warren Buffet whose net worth is $ 77 billion started working on his billion-dollar empire when he was just a boy. At age 13, Buffett had his first job running a newspaper delivery business. Already a budding businessman, Buffett even deducted his bike from his taxes that year. He went on to start a pinball machine business as a teen, looking for business opportunities wherever he went and graduating college with a $10,000 profit from his business ventures. He kept the ‘Earn while you Learn’ strategy throughout.

If you’ve ever watched an Oprah Winfrey show and think how lucky she is, Winfrey got her start in an average menial job at a grocery store next to her father’s Nashville barbershop. She quickly made her move to broadcasting, reading the news for the local radio station by age 16 and moving her way up to the media powerhouse she is today. 

Then there’s Michael Bloomberg best known for his investment and political career, but before his success, he worked as a parking lot attendant. As the son of middle-class parents, Bloomberg paid his college tuition by working and eventually went on to graduate with an MBA from Harvard. He got his start on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers and is now one of the wealthiest in America.

And yes, the whole world know Bill Gates, but do they know his first job was as a computer programmer for TRW during his senior year in high school?

And then there’s Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, most probably the richest man alive. Way before he founded Amazon and began selling everything from books to newspaper subscriptions, Jeff Bezos was flipping burgers behind the grill at McDonald’s. 

He often said he learned one of his business’ most important lessons from that experience: to move things quickly from seller to customer without damaging the goods. And that’s exactly what Amazon tries to do!

What all of them learnt from their jobs, they put back into their businesses. How would you like the same to happen to you? Today it’s even more simple. Heard of Yangpoo? They’re there to hire you and teach you! You will earn while you learn! Lethal combination, right? Find out how you can become the next Jeff Bezos!    

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By Robert Clements