Graduated? What’s next? Smart PIPs for your Success

PIPs after I graduate

So, you’ve graduated, and in the good old days, the picture of you graduating would have adorned the walls of your home with parents pointing it out to every visitor! But in those days, graduates were few and hard to find, today they are a dime a dozen!

So, where does that leave you? 

It leaves you with just a foundation to further yourself! Today’s graduation is a stepping stone to equipping yourself more! Yes, you need to be a graduate, it gives you basic learning! Basic right? Now, make that basic into something very realistic, and to do it follow the PIP formula, which is to learn more about Professional Competence, Independence, and Preparation!

Like I said, a fresh graduate is out in the world on their own – ready to take on big challenges and to meet unique opportunities. The biggest question that faces such a ‘fresher’ is ” Am I job ready?” More often than not, the answer is no, because 15 years of formal education equips them with little practical skills that can be immediately put to test. 

Graduates, The Ultimate PIPs: 

1.Professional Learning

Young professionals need the flexibility to upscale themselves while learning the ropes of professionalism. This is where online colleges provide flexible, personalised and self-paced courses. Online learning is in trend and since the recent pandemic, it’s relevance and credibility has increased incredibly. 

What’s more? It offers a diverse range to choose from. A curious mind doesn’t want to be limited to a subject or any one stream. Nowadays youngsters are taking their casual hobbies and converting them to serious income. Accrediting your skills allows you to indulge into multiple sources of income. This extra income gives a budding entrepreneur the freedom to invest into their own startup ideas without payback liabilities. 


Now that’s not about hoisting the flag on August 15th! No, it’s a word that the youth are striving for – Independence to explore their new found skills. Online certification gives wings to your dreams. It gives you freedom unlike anything else – to engage and understand the extent of your imagination.

Moreover, the flexibility of online courses enables the participant to learn from any space. This gives them a sense of purpose and the nudge to utilize “dead time” like travel, long waits, etc to learn something resourceful. 

3.Preparation through Projects and Experiments

Preparation for the big bad world outside is essential before you step outside into your first job! Many online courses require you to complete onsite projects and conduct experiments that give a practical exposure to first time professionals. This gives you an opportunity to intern and observe professional work flow in a big corporate environment, while giving you sufficient time to reflect on your abilities and weigh your career options. 

That’s it. What do you do after you graduate? PIP! Follow this very simple formula and watch as the world opens up for you, especially as the world, the professional world waits for youngsters to step out with pips on their shoulder, like the officers in our armed forces have. 

The more the pips, the higher your rank. So its your time to start now, graduates!

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By Robert Clements