Apprenticeship blended Degree Programs.


92% of universities and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) believe that Apprenticeship Graduation is a credible way for students to be stunned in the 21st Century’s Evolving workforce. This model helps to create a sustainable cycle of “Earn while you Learn” and equip students with work experience, according to the “Future of Apprenticeship in India” report launched by TeamLease EdTech Company. In the report,  TeamLease EdTech found that over 62% of the respondents said apprenticeship enables students to earn while they learn.

Let’s first understand the meaning of apprenticeship and its benefits.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training with Learning. The Apprentices receive pay while learning how to become experts in their trades.

For Instance, if you are doing regular graduation in Digital Marketing. Here, you will learn the principles, the concepts, and know terms.

But, just knowing the rules of the game won’t let you win right? You must know “How to Play On-Ground”!

The Other Side, If you do “Earn while you Learn” Post Graduation of Digital Marketing.  Here, you will learn about both the concepts and excellent skills with On-the-Job Training.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • Working Experience: The normal System follows Graduation, then an Internship, getting working experience, and then a good job method. But, Apprenticeship forms a new ecosystem where you get an Experience certificate along with your degree certificate.
  • Earn while you Learn: Apprenticeship not only makes students industry ready but also helps. them get a source of income, which can further reduce the burden of their tuition fees or help them solve their financial problems.

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  • Progression Opportunity: It helps to master the skills that can solve practical challenges in the workforce. Further deep diving into the ecosystem, the report also highlights that degree it is also helping to address the issue of dropping GER in higher education institutes.
    Post Graduate Program
    Let’s imagine these two scenarios,
  1. A Student entering the Workforce without any practical hand-on-skills and with vast knowledge about the field.
  2. A student has the working experience, essential soft skills, Flexible training, and Knowledge of the Field. Think yourself as a Hiring company, whom will you choose?
    Yes, the Second is better and smarter too. Even, 71% of Universities feel that students learn the nuances of the corporate world better through such programs! Students masters the soft skills and have better results in corporate world at an early stage.

Report Insights

92 percent of the universities and higher education institutes in India believe that degree apprenticeships are the solution to make students industry-ready.

62 percent of the universities say that apprenticeship has created a sustainable cycle of earning while they learn.

There are close to 1.2 crore students who graduate every year, but only 35 percent of these students are actually employable enough to join the industry. Over the past few years, degree apprenticeships have emerged as a solution to this skill crisis,” says Shantanu Rooj, (CEO) at TeamLease Ed Tech. 61 percent of the employers who hired apprentices perceive that the Return on Investment (ROI) from this category is greater than 51 percent.

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By Khushi Shah

Source: Times of India Newspaper