Learning Skills: Use it or Lose it + 5 Tips to Prevent Losing Your Skills

Have you ever attended a training program or e-learning session, and felt highly motivated, but nothing happened later? Even if we know the skill well, we cannot perform it properly. This happens because if we don’t implement our skills, we tend to forget them and return to our default factory settings. 

Therefore, the trend of upskilling came into play. We all know the importance and value of upskilling, so we are not digging into that right now. Instead, in this blog we are going to know about whether we are truly benefited and upskilled from the training and skill development initiatives. Is just learning the skills enough? In other words, do we lose our skills if we don’t use them?

The answer is simple—skills deteriorate over time. We don’t lose them quickly, although like our old bikes, they get rusty. On the bright side, we can easily re-acquire our old skills. From a motor learning perspective, we don’t lose the ability to perform any skill, but the mastery of the skill decreases over a period of time. Now the question arises: how much time does it take to lose a skill? 

Time-Period to Lose a Skill

We cannot say how much time it takes to learn a new skill. Similarly, the time period for losing a skill cannot be guessed. It depends on the skill as well. We all have experienced this – If we try to play an instrument or ride a bike after some years, we get conscious for some minutes but later get fine-tuned. This fluency occurs as a result of regular practice for months in our childhood. In contrast, if we’ve just developed a new skill, it’s quick to fade. So let’s discuss how to keep these new skills for a lifetime or prevent losing them.

5 Tips to Prevent Losing Your Skills

Increase Concentration 

Our memory can really hold information for 10–20 minutes and can hold 5–9 pieces of information at a time. That is why it is critical to focus completely while learning; otherwise, we will accumulate unnecessary material. Concentration can assist in moving our skills from short-term to long-term as our brain finds it important to store them.


Practice makes a man perfect and keeps a skill permanent too. Repetition and memory are closely linked, and skills can be improved with daily practice. When you practice a skill, it becomes a habit, and habits stay, right? Set regular patterns or schedules within which you can practice the important skills at least once a week.


All our knowledge is zero if we don’t know how to apply it! The only way to achieve success is to ‘Learn and Apply.’ Successful businesses are the reflection of their application-based strategies. Understanding this fact, Welingkar’s Entrepreneurship Management Program is designed to transform, grow and professionalize businesses with an Application-based Learning Method. Learn for one week for 11 months, then apply the learning to your business and get quantifiable results. Know more about this program here

Improve the Quality

Do you like marketing? You must know the latest marketing trends or have deep theoretical knowledge of marketing. But it is not enough. We need to perish the quality of our skills. The quality of skill should be improved with the right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. You will find this right balance in the Welingkar Hybrid PGDM Programs, with new-age specializations like Marketing Management, Finance, HR, and 15 more. Check more here:

Effective Notes 

To prevent your skills from vanishing, you need to note them down. If, for any reason, you don’t utilize a skill for a specific period, keeping and referring back to high-quality notes provides you with an effective refresher that makes sense to you to ensure that you never lose a specific skill. Welingkar Hybrid PGDM Programs have facility of  WeLectures, i.e. pre-recorded lectures for the students to enhance their understanding and refresh their learning of the syllabus.

Skills: Use it or Lose it

These five tips will not only prevent you from losing your skills but also enhance them. In the race to learn new skills, we keep on piling them like unread books. The only difference between the pile of unread books and unimplemented skills is we don’t lose our unread books but we definitely lose our skills! We all want to focus on learning new skills, but if we don’t regularly practice and perfect them, we are just letting our current talents and value waste away. Don’t let that happen!

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By Khushi Shah