Why is Media and Entertainment an Evergreen Career?

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment is an Evergreen Career! Yes, You heard it right!

Watch a youngster scanning his phone! What’s he looking for? If you think he’s just searching for messages, you’re sadly mistaken. He or she is looking for excitement! And what the youngster wants is instant gratification! And that looking for and longing for instant excitement has followed them in their choosing of jobs.

Youngsters are on constant lookout for new experiences even as they have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and opportunities. A fresh graduate is out in the world- passionate and ready to explore. This excitement filled time is something the media and entertainment industry have in plenty.

Take the audio-visual communication allows people who are talented in more ways than one and who have the curiosity to explore new ways in finding interesting ways to tell a story. And visual Media looks out for fresh talent almost every day.

A media career requires a huge amount of enthusiasm while delivering consistently. It gives talented individuals numerous opportunities to polish their newfound passion for artistic work with sound and light, backdrops, techniques and other areas.

Media and Entertainment- Consumed Everyday

Also, a young mind is open to learning and development. Visionary leaders find it easier to motivate young and enthusiastic employees to implement and experiment on new ideas. Youngsters love being given tough tasks, being heard out and able to put their imagination to test through these research and development opportunities. This opens up a great space for improvement and immense opportunity for learning. Compare that to the old brick and mortar jobs where the youngster spent his first years serving their seniors in filing, form filling and fruitless work!

Something youngsters want is the opportunity to mix and meet people and the entertainment industry gives them the opportunity to communicate with diverse people. The work environment is highly interactive and runs on an ‘input-feedback’ basis. They get to meet deadlines, push limits, convert potential markets and be part of record-breaking deals. The lime-light offered by the entertainment industry is a feather in an achiever’s cap. Any good work is brought to the forefront and well-rewarded. The earning and growth opportunities are immense.  This boosts the morale of an emerging young businessman and facilitates their personal growth.

The Enjoyment & Earning!

Also in interaction comes the picking up of values like sharing, caring, empathy, mutual-respect, tolerance (religious and social) all of which are best learnt in the media and entertainment industry which serves as an agglomeration of talent. Another point, slightly philosophical but poignant is that the media industry follows a common culture – which means it broadens an individual’s perspective about life.

Being part of a global talent pool gives you a bigger picture of life and the bite sized picture of your contribution, potential and ability. What better way to learn valuable lessons while enjoying yourself and earning handsomely all at the same time!

The best way to meet with Modern world is to Stay Relevant. The new technology such as Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc are changing the world of Media and Entertainment, bringing vast and relevant opportunities for the Youngsters.

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The modern media has much to offer a young, curious and learning mind. It has come a long way in fighting many societal prejudices and has becoming the breeding ground for many modern movements like women empowerment, gay rights etc. If you have the heart and talent for it, you can find your voice here, and be heard…. instantly!

By Robert Clements