Best Guide: 9 Trending Careers for Gen Z

Do you have that desire to do something unique?
Do you like being independent, entrepreneurial, and competitive?
Are you the one who is a quick searcher but later found yourself digging into the topic for hours?
Do you val­ue the sta­bil­i­ty that comes with conservative spending, sta­ble jobs, and profitable investments?

Then, Yes! You belong to Generation Z, formerly defined as people born between 1997 and 2012, growing up in an age of skyrocketing college costs, increasing environmental awareness, and outstanding technological progress.

This group is often called digital natives: grown and lived with technology. They confidently share fresh perspectives, build new concepts, and push critical topics to mass.

Did you ever felt that your superpower is technology?
Therefore you simply forget your keys but not (never) your phones, right?
This tech-savvy nature brought a natural affinity with concepts like Game Design, Web Design, App Development, Cyber Security, and other technological subjects.

Gen Z: Trending Careers for You!

While exploring the best trending careers, our team intersected Gen Z’s lifestyle, preferences, and concerns with professions that will endure in the future. We also looked into the factors of scope, growth, and good salary potential.

Listed below are not the only options; we would encourage you to do proper research on your subject of interest and the career you want to pursue.

  • Business Administration & Management
    In recent days, businesses have increased rapidly. The development of any business majorly depends on the business strategy and operations. It centers around the organizational and human elements of the company, supervised by business administrators and managers.
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  • App Development
    New devices are launched every year, and apps are developed in large numbers. Go to your playstore, search one app, and numerous versions for your single search will be there. Due to its probable salary and profitable job prospects, there is no reason not to get into the field. It is competitive, rewarding, and expected to grow even higher.
  • Marketing and Communications
    This field is required to run in the market as it is the bridge between consumers and businesses.
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  • Translators and Interpreters
    Translators offer vital skills in an increasingly globalized world. Translating and interpreting skills are valuable in healthcare, public service, government, businesses, diplomacy, and schools. The employment of translators and interpreters is expected to grow 24 percent from 2020 to 2030.
  • Computer Scientist and Engineering
    Computer scientists combine creativity and research skills to invent or update information systems. IT professionals are in demand globally and have various opportunities to choose from.
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  • Medical and Healthcare
    Generation Z has empathy and loves helping others or saving lives. Today, lucrative positions are formed for people driven to make a difference in their communities. A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions. This field allows you the potential to impact human life in a way that is truly unique, and the job satisfaction you get is unparalleled.
  • Influencing/Content Creation
    Whatever your interest is, if you believe in spreading your idea, creativity, or passion to the world, this is your career. This field requires soft and hard skills with intelligence and the capability to be liked by people. Career opportunities are vivid: photography, content creation, graphic designing, public speaking, etc. All you need to do is follow your passion as it knows your way.
  • Entrepreneurship
    This Internet Generation believes in being self-reliable. A recent study of Gen Z’ers concluded that 72% of them wanted to start their own company, utilizing entrepreneurship to have control over their lives, become debt-free, and choose a purposeful life.
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  • Environmental Science
    Presently, individuals are keen to be environmental activists, low-wasters, vegan meat-eaters, and anti-flyers. The field of environmental science is growing at a faster rate than ever due to issues such as climate change and pollution. You can pursue an environmental science degree and have a career as a microbiologist, environmental scientist, and environmental engineer.

Aim to #StayRelevant in Career

Gen Z is highly active, fresh, optimistic, passionate, and recently faced the reality of an economic crisis. Careers are dynamic; so is your dedication. You should not aim to survive but sustain in your careers. To sustain in this age, we all need to #StayRelevant, and Yangpoo helps you do that! For more details, visit here.

By Khushi Shah