Step Into the Digital Present! New is here


Digital Age is here! A very oft-repeated adage is that ‘necessity is the mother of invention!’ This has been rubbed into our thinking by all our teachers and professors, but it is only during the Covid pandemic that we are actually seeing this proverb at work. As the world was forced to stay at home, live from their houses, and work from their residences, their natural inclination to stay in touch, stay connected with work and keep their learning going on, forced them into a digital world.

A world they don’t want to quit today, even as the pandemic wanes.

In the world of education, digital learning has taken the world by storm. Tech moguls sprang into ‘beast mode’ and tech support soon topped the most-sought skills. The computer geek whom the family found only in forgotten corners of the house soon took the spotlight offering much needed ‘humanitarian services’ in desperate times. Terms like ‘digital privacy’ ‘online learning’ ‘digital education’ saw the light of day even as the untapped potential of the world wide web was unleashed. 

Such a scenario calls for a major shift in mindset as digital learning becomes a household feature. 

Digital Present is for the knowledge hungry world prances

It brings home knowledge from miles away even as it revives old connections. Live sessions and the availability of online recordings makes it easy for working professionals to register for self-paced modules and the knowledge hungry world prances with every opportunity to teach and be taught. The hunger and quest for information is never satiated, it is predicted to grow at ginormous scales and peak sky high.

The last two years have been the most skill-acquiring years of the century. With the most recent addition of ‘digital backdrops’ it gives participants of an online session the privacy and focus to actively engage in learning without worrying about the view of their personal space.

There’s so much possible with the online learning platform, the most important of all is the conservation of resources – saving organizations loads of travel time and the extra expenditure of building perfect education-friendly environments. The wisdom of the East now travels at lightning speed to the Western World, while the skills and technology of the west zooms across the oceans too. 

Today, the digital platform spreads awareness about many environmental and health issues, long ignored over the years of living fast paced lives and development-focused politics. We are also able to gauge, analyse and work out modern solutions to timeless problems. Time is a precious resource – that needs wise management and utilization and here we save enormous amounts of precious time. 

Don’t be left behind: Feel the tides changing! Step Digital now

Technology is at our fingertips! Personal and Professional boundaries are disappearing. Digital Learning is making people more aware of how man can magically turn unfortunate events into opportune moments with lasting victories. 

Watch as the virtual space will soon become a parallel universe where we can work, earn and spend time in. How ready are you to dive in? The only way forward is to earn those digital candies (certifications, points and rewards) and keep them handy to secure your future and possibly those of future generations. 

The same trend can be seen in the higher education space with growing demand for skill-based education.  The edtechs have already moved on from the ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ role with its online PG Programs.

For instance, Yangpoo is the 21st Century Ed-Tech company that helps Indian students to acquire global education through blended courses with the top-ranked universities in the world. The Best Time to step into Digital Present is today!

Step Into the digital present!

By Robert Clements