BMM Students Are Worried About Their Career Paths, Read This If You Are One of Them

The fascination with the world of media is everlasting. A career in Media & Entertainment is an extremely popular choice for Indian students. The Bachelors in Mass Media & equivalent degrees attract thousands of students every year.

A rapidly growing industry, increasing job opportunities, opportunity to explore the world of creativity, glamour quotient of the field & satisfaction of contributing to change in the society are some of the many factors pushing students to pursue careers in media.

As a learner-centric education company, Yangpoo decided to talk to these young, vibrant students of BMM/BA MMC (Multimedia & Mass Communication) in Mumbai to understand their career aspirations to guide them & their peers better.

What we expected was a great deal of gusto about careers in this booming industry. What we found out was rather a bit shocking.

Pranay Maniar, a student of TY BA-MMC, K. C. College, while talking to our team, said that he joined this program as the career in Print Journalism tickled his curiosity. However, his own research on career opportunities as a print journalist pointed out the drastic shift in the last few years towards digital journalism.
He is now worried about the lack of digital skills and how he will manage to build a sustainable career in this field.

Jigyasa Joshi another third-year BA-MMC student says that she is not aware of working of social media & fears she will fall behind if she doesn’t catch up quickly as proficiency in social media management has become a crucial parameter for most of the jobs in the media field.

Srishti Mishra, SYBA – MMC (Multimedia and Mass Communication) wants to launch her career in PR but has no clue what a career in PR looks like in the world of new age digital media. Convinced that she will need to pursue Post Graduation to claim a good job, she does not know exactly which PG program will help her grab the most in-demand skills in the digital PR industry.

Aadya Pai, SYBA – MMC student wants to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. She informed us that though her college has introduced the module on digital marketing in the syllabus, it’s all theoretical and lacks the practical knowledge that digital marketing demands.

In spite of the fact that they are indeed a part of the sunrise industry, they are feeling stuck. They are confused and frustrated as the jobs in media are evolving at a greater speed than the curriculum of these popular mass media programs.

The lack of practical knowledge and real-time connect with industry experts has created this worrisome situation.  These students are in dire need of the PG Programs in Media that understand the need of the hour & instill new age skills essential for new age jobs in the GIG economy.

Yangpoo has rolled up its sleeves to help these Media students. If you too are one of them, talk to us.

With our years of experience dealing with BMM graduates, employers – recruiters, and a vast alumni base, we’ve curated the relevant career tracks & deployed career advisors for you.

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