What it takes to Step into the Shoes of Celebrity Manager?

Life of a celebrity manager is nothing short of a dream for many. In this article, you will find everything you need to know to make that dream come true.

Hobnobbing with celebrities, knowing the who’s who in the entertainment industry, working with big brands and opportunity to travel around the world – a dream for many is a life of a celebrity manager. Want to know who these celebrity managers are and what exactly they do? More importantly, how to open the doors to this shining world?
Here are some things you should know as you try to step into the shoes of celebrity manager:

Who is a celebrity manager?
Celebrity managers are literally jacks of all trades. From publicity to negotiating contracts, celebrity managers do it all for their clients. But to be precise, a celebrity manager’s job is to carve a glorious personal brand out of an individual.

What are the key responsibilities of a celebrity manager?

Ranging from handling social media profiles for a celebrity to making decisions regarding work opportunities, celebrity managers have a great say in managing the lives of celebrities. Some of the major responsibilities celebrity managers handle are,

  • Maintaining celebrity’s public image
  • Handling media presence for celebrities
  • Advising and counseling in career decisions
  • Dealing with brand associations
  • Managing celebrity’s events or schedule
  • Assisting with financial decisions

Celebrity Management in the digital era:

“One day you are a sound engineer putting clips of mixed music on instagram, one catchy post goes viral and boom – you are now a celebrity with 2 Million followers and big brands designing their marketing strategy around your posts! From Yashraj Mukhate to Mithila Palkar and from Kenny to Kusha Kapila of iDiva, all of them began their journey to stardom on digital media.”

The boon to the fresh talent – OTT platforms & Social media, gave an opportunity to go viral at ‘the touch of the screen’.  These platforms are turning talented but unknown artists into celebrities.
Tiktok stars, Youtube streamers, lifestyle vloggers, travel vloggers, Comedians, Podcasters, Instagram models, digital celebrity chefs, web-series artists… It’s nearly an endless list.

There is a rise in not only number of celebrities but also in the number of media channels celebrities use to connect with their audience. This leads to busier, chaotic lives for celebrities but it also creates great opportunity for celebrity managers to launch themselves as their saviors.

Skills one must have to manage these budding digital celebrities:
To handle a busy life of a celebrity one must be smart, logical and a quick problem solver. More importantly you must understand digital media inside out, what are the trending topics, how to go viral and set the trends, how to use analytics of these platforms to negotiate a better deal with brands and advertisers are vital skills to help your clients stay ahead.

Where do celebrity managers work?
 The professional celebrity management companies (sometimes known as artist management agencies) are hired by celebrities to manage their professional lives.

Jobs available in the field of celebrity management:

Some of the entry level roles in these companies include, A public relations manager, publicist, talent agent, an artist manager, entertainment specialist, a personal manager and a personal assistant and business development executive.
The new age media opens up the doors to some new roles such as social media manager, social media strategist, content writer, digital content creator and so on.

How to get started as a celebrity manager?
Celebrity management industry is thriving. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you possess the new age media skills. To stay relevant in this digitized world, you must look out for the program that helps you acquire these skills.

Of course, choosing a right course can be a task, especially when there is so much information to process. If you need crisp summary of these courses and what they have to offer, our counselors can help. Reach out to us on 1800-123-500041 to know more about the courses and programs that will help you to become the notable Celebrity Manager!