How to become a Social Media Manager? (A complete guide for beginners)

If we are meeting here on this page, it’s obvious that you are using one or other social media platforms. So you know what social media is all about but what’s the reason social media has acquired center space in the media industry?

  • 83% of marketers find social media marketing indispensable in this new-age marketing.
  • 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.

Social media users are increasing with each passing year. From a total of 3.196 billion social media users in 2018 to 3.48 Billion (with 9% growth) in 2019 reached 420 billion in 2020

(Data Source: Sproutsocial, 2020)

 To build a career in such an exciting and ever-growing field, you must study the profession and the field in depth. Here’s our attempt to help you in your research.

What is social media marketing?

 It is the practice of using social media channels to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive website traffic.

Who is a social media manager?

 The social media manager is a person who manages various social media handles for a client (Organization or individual) to establish a strong online presence and drive a key message to their target audience.

What does a social manager do?

The major responsibility of social media managers is to uphold the 5 pillars o social media marketing.

  • Strategy and planning  
  • Campaign execution
  • Promotion (Social ads or promoted posts)
  • Engagement with audience  
  • Analytics and reporting


Where do social media managers work? 

 Social media management is the most sought-after skill in today’s world dominated by online marketing. All brands, small or big have social media presence and need social media managers. You can either work with 

 – Companies & organizations directly manage their official SM pages

 – Social media marketing agencies 

 – Become a freelancer social media marketer or Influencer

Tools social media managers must know:

 Social media management though sounds like a simple, routine task it does involve a great deal of technical knowledge. Here are some tools every social media manager must know how to use:

  • Design & content creation tools like adobe and canva
  • Post schedulers like hootsuite , sprout social
  • Website analytics tools like Snaplytics, Curalate
  • Security best practices and tools like zerofox, phishtank, spider oak, etc.


Top skills you need to be a great social media manager:

 Creativity, Communication, and analytical skills are the measure strengths of social media managers. 

 How to become a social media manager?

 There is a substantial difference in using social media handles for personal and professional use. Just knowing what’s hot and trending on FB or Insta, does not guarantee you professional success. An industry-relevant course that equips you with relevant skills to operate as a social media manager can add great value to your inherent potentials.

There are many mass media courses available. But, sadly not all mass media courses are designed to suit your pursuit of a career in social media marketing. It is advisable to take help to understand the #NewAgeMedia landscape in depth. You can get in touch with our counselors to get a clearer picture of courses and programs to fulfill your dream. Call us at – 1800-123-500041.